2022. Graphic




I made this as an artist photo for 4s4ki.
"Magical Ashura"
A being that connects the mother ocean (the surface of the earth) and the universe.
On the right is the sun. On the left is the full moon.

I went to Enoshima Island to photograph only the sky and the sea on the border between morning and night.

I took care of the pineal gland, the circle connecting the tanden, the golden ratio, and the fractal-like structure.
2022. Graphic

Artist / 4s4ki
Title / LOG OUT

4s4ki「LOG OUT」のカバーアートを制作。


I created the artwork for 4s4ki "LOG OUT."
It's "The One Who Aims Outside" drawn on VR.

There is more outside of the "outside."
2022. Graphic

Artist / 4s4ki
Title / Freedom Kingdom feat. Swervy

4s4ki "Freedom Kingdom feat. Swervy" のカバーアートを作りました。

I created the cover art for 4s4ki "Freedom Kingdom feat. Swervy."
The design is based on the Kingdom's national emblem.
The nude figure with hands forming a dove is a symbol of liberation and peace.
The "piercing" on the skull and "braces" on the teeth represent 4s4ki and Swervy in a simple way (and with the flesh trimmed off).
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