2014. Music Video

Artist / 中華一番
Title / 中華一番のテーマ

Video All Works /  TEAM DOSANKO

レペゼン狸小路、札幌アンダーグラウンドシーン最先端をひた走る孤高のリアルヒップホップグループ・中華一番が2015年に放った珠玉のマスターピース『中華一番のテーマ』、 一度はネット上に公開されながらもバイブスの排出規制によって削除され、画質の荒い海賊版のベータビデオ(市場価格10万超え)でしか観ることが出来なかった伝説のMVが完全オリジナル仕様でついに復刻!
"It all started here. And everything is here. People who know know. If you don't know, remember.
The masterpiece of the gem released in 2015 by Chuka Ichiban, one of the only real hip-hop groups in the Sapporo underground scene that represents Tanukikoji.
Once released on the Internet, it was removed due to the emission control of Vibes, and it was only possible to watch it with a pirated edition beta video (market price over 100,000 yen) of rough image quality, the legendary MV is completely original specification Finally reprinted!

This is not a riotous hip-hop. This is a hip-hop riot.
Experience the revolutionary IRST EXPENSIVE SHIT of the brain cells that TAKERU from SBK also praised. "
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